Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I have been a very bad blogger lately. Not only have I neglected my own blog, but I haven't been commenting either. For shame!

Things have been crazy hectic here. We closed on our new home and moved in a week later. It's been non-stop around here since. We started teaching a new NFP class series and also had the privilege to speak as a witness couple at a medical conference earlier this month.

Last, but not least, we are finally able to discuss publicly something I wasn't quite ready to bring out into the open back at the beginning of December. We are expecting again. This is our fifth pregnancy and it has been very emotional for all of us. We supplemented with proge.sterone until just over 12 weeks. I was allowed to stop even though we didn't run bloodwork to check my levels. Are there people who say they miss proge.sterone? I am one of them. Since going off the supplements, my all-day sickness has got much much worse and I have started having headaches. We had an ultrasound just past 12 weeks and saw the baby. S/he is doing great in there...jumping all around. We think the baby is a girl, but we don't know for sure.  I am now 16 weeks along and have another appointment scheduled with my doctor for Friday.

Please pray that all continues to go well with this pregnancy and that we will get to meet this little one in August.

I will leave you with two pictures of my new babies...first the new hardwood floors in our new home, second the if you might confuse them!

Ignore the crazy-eyed man in the top left corner.  My husband couldn't resist jumping into the frame.

This was baby #5 at 12 weeks, 2 days...measuring 12 weeks, 6 days.  I grow 'em BIG.