Tuesday, December 11, 2012

37 Things...

The silence has been deafening and enlightening all at the same time.  I pretty much disappeared when I returned to work in October.  I'm sorry to have left all 2 of my loyal readers in the lurch about my shortcomings and goings.  I will try to get better about blogging.

Need the outlet.  Will be good for my sanity. (Repeat)

Around the Amen household, we are all losing our minds a bit.  No, wait, that may just be me :-)

Working full time plus some with a gross daily commute, two kids in daycare, the four year old in activities 2x per week, teaching catechism, husband working & volunteering at church, husband getting a new job that may have him gone 3 weeks/month and me being (finally) promoted at work has got me spinning like a chanukah dreidel.  At least I'm getting back to my Jewish roots.

Speaking of roots, I am thinking about changing my hairstyle dramatically.  Will I do it?  Will I instantly regret it?  Will it give me one more thing to fret about?  Not sure, absolutely and most definitely.

Anyhow, the lovely Ashley Jones gave me an idea recently, and I thought, "Hey, I can do that", so I have done that.  Ashley just celebrated her 26th birthday and for her birthday she made a list of 26 things about herself that we should know.  Well, I just celebrated my 37th birthday and I figured I could make a list of 37 things about myself that are mildly amusing, interesting or none of the above, so here goes:

I am tall.  Not freakishly so, but taller than most ladies.

I like my freckles...always have, always will.

I always think I would like to live on a farm...

But I am scared to DEATH of bugs; I don't like dirt; and I dislike going outside.

In addition to getting my MBA, I moved to Oklahoma to find a cowboy to marry.

I married a Salvadoran instead.  Best decision ever.

I cover my ears when I see a bug...because I'm scared (makes perfect sense, no?).

I cried once thinking about an ice cream sundae.  In my defense, I was pregnant and diabetic at the time.

I don't think it is really dessert unless it is made of chocolate.

I enjoy public speaking.  If you think that's sick...just wait, it gets worse.

I like to read legal contracts and documents.

I like to read laws, rules and regulations even more.

I alphabetize all kinds of stuff.  Even when it doesn't make sense.

My kids' real first names have the same vowels in the same order.

I am allergic to all fish products and alcohol; but if I wasn't, I would still stay away from one of these things and drink the other like I was the thing I would stay away from (not every day...just some (many) days).

Despite getting 5 calls a day for Ja'meal, no one named Ja'meal lives at our residence.

I once went skydiving because I was angry that my boyfriend went to Paris without me.

I can move my eyes independently of one another.

The boys in my 5th grade catechism class think I'm pretty cool because I showed them # 20.

Sometimes, I let my kid eat Peppermint Patties and popsicles for dinner.

I can cuss like a sailor, but feel really badly when I do (mostly in the car at other drivers.)

I love to let my niece and nephews be CRAZY loud at my house; I think it irritates my brother, whom I adore. 

I make my sister hold my hand in public because it annoys her so much (I adore her too!)

I love to watch sad movies.

I used to be the equipment manager for my high school's football team.

If I could have any other career, I'd choose to be an OB.

If I didn't have to have a career at all, I'd love to homeschool my kids.

And I would really like to have a dozen of them.

I am a Mou.ntain Dew girl through and through.

I actually enjoy discussing canon law.

I drive my dream car - a minivan.

I wear super high heels because I find them more comfortable than tennis shoes.

I try to save up my printing at work so I only have to walk to the printer once per day.

I wish I could live in an all white house - white walls, white furniture, white dishes, white linens, white carpet.

Scratch that, make it all brown.  So you can't see when I spill my chocolate ice cream all over.

You probably shouldn't ask me anything when I am at work because the answer will be "NO".

I don't like to be touched.  Like ever.  That's probably the hardest part of being a wife and mom is that my husband and kids want to touch me all the time.

So there are 37 things about me that you never wanted to know, but now you do and you can't un-know them.

More later - PEACE OUT!