Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In the Thick of Holy Week

Here we are in the middle of Holy Week. What are we doing in the Amen household to keep this week holy?

This year, our parish mission was an Unplug & Reconnect week. It was a fantastic theme and one sorely needed by me and my family. It was a great chance to spend time together as a family and a church family getting to know each other. Even better was the unseasonably warm weather we experienced that week. It can be hard in Michigan to find something to do in mid-March other than watch tv, play on the internet, or get out with the good old game system. Thankfully that wasn't a concern this March. We've had warm sunny days that allowed us to go outside and enjoy the new backyard. We spent mire time in prayer, more time talking to one another, and more time reconnecting with each other.

I am unplugging from tv again this week. I have to admit, there was a time in my life where, though I do have other interests, nothing much interested me besides watching tv. I needed the time to zone out, not having a single thought in my head. I've found, however, that over the last few months I would much rather spend my evenings doing other things. Honestly, laundry is almost more enticing than tv watching. There's nothing worth watching and very little that will actually build me up rather than drag me down. It really hit home when our priest was over on Saturday evening to bless the new house. As he went from room to room dousing the place in holy water, he also blessed our tv sets. I was surprised, but as he did it he said "bless this tv, that nothing harmful or damaging may be shown on it." Wow. Yea, nothing harmful or damaging. And there it was, smacking me right in the forehead. Don't let this boob-tube get in the way of our relationship with God. Don't let its influence in our home be greater than God's. Don't get drawn away from Him by the garbage of this world. This world doesn't love me and my dear family like He does. If my mind needs a rest, let it rest in Him.

So, there I was, staring down the barrel of a very exciting Holy Week and God is telling me to turn off the tv.

You've got it, Lord.

Now, before I leave you, a quick update. Baby Amen #5 is doing fantastic. We had our 20 week ultrasound last week and saw the baby yawning. Yawning. Who would've thought a yawn could bring tears to my eyes? We also peeked at Mr. Amen's insistence. I thought it was pretty pointless to peek since I felt certain the baby was a girl. Just goes to show...I am a trustworthy source. We confirmed we are expecting a little girl. We also got to see her in 3D/4D, which was much less creepy than I imagined, but she hid her little face from what she looks like will remain a mystery for now.

Here's Baby Amen #5 in all her 3D/4D glory.

Here's my 20 week belly in my Easter dress. Even though I've gained less than 5 pounds so far, I think my belly looks like I've gained much more. It's actually looking like it did around the 32-34 week mark with Junior. Sew and I are due on almost the same day...and she's mentioned her growing belly a time or two, but I think I'm giving her some good competition.