Friday, June 3, 2011

7 Quick Takes (2)

A friend of a friend did an IQ & personality assessment on Junior last weekend.  It’s for his graduate studies and we won’t actually get the results, but I still think it’s good practice for when Junior takes a real one.  We realized we need to make sure he knows the English & Spanish words for things.  Whoops!

I stood up for our parenting choices to my own parents.  It was difficult to tell my dad to “butt out”, but it took our relationship to a whole new level.  I think he respects me more as an adult now.

I use a meal-prep place to prepare the vast majority of our dinners.  Even though it is more expensive than if I shopped on my own, what it saves me in time makes it worth it.  Additionally, we eat a greater variety of foods than I would normally choose on my own.  (Chicken again, anyone?)

Let the house hunt begin!  We are finally looking for a house again and hopefully we will get moved in before the summer is over!

My great-Aunt passed away on Monday.  She was very old and it was not entirely unexpected, but she has been the matriarch of the family for as long as I can remember.  I’m sad she’s gone, but know she’s at peace with our Lord.  My family will remember her for years and years to come.  She was the keeper of our Belgian family’s Lukken recipe and had passed it on to my mom and me many years ago.  Aunt Jen always made the best Lukken and I know I’ll tell my child(ren) where the recipe came from.

Fun with blood draws…where to start?!?  Had 2 this week.  Looking forward to more in a couple weeks.  My veins are terrible.  No matter how much water I drink in the days leading up to a blood draw, it never seems to plump up my veins or make my blood run any thinner.  It’s like syrup filling the vials. 

We are going to a “family picnic” at Manresa, a retreat center near where we live here in Michigan.  They are having mass at 2pm followed by a picnic on the grounds.  I’m so excited!!

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  1. Enjoyed the post, now I feel like we're caught up...too bad I didn't get around to doing here are some

    1. Maria does lots of cooing now, think little conversations :-)
    2. Helped parents with grandma's garage sale today and tomorrow in Royal Oak
    3. Maria started sleeping better again
    4. Got tan/red at above garage sale
    5. Walked around downtown Plymouth and Northville this week
    6. Excited/jealous to hear about your upcoming house search - we need to get on that
    7. Did I mention your God daughter enough?

  2. No, you can never mention her enough :-) Can't wait for next weekend!!