Friday, November 25, 2011

Henna Hair

My dear sister came home for Thanksgiving.  My sister lives in Atlanta and comes home only a couples times a year for a few days or so.  I went to see her at my mom and dad's house and she's been working really hard to lose weight and she's been wildly successful.  She looks amazing!  Like she did back in high school.

And her hair is gorgeous.  It's black, but with a lot of red undertones.  It reminds me of Bella's hair in Twilight.  When she's in the sunlight it positvely shimmers this fantastic black cherry color.  Of course, I had to know what color she had dyed it (she's always dyeing her hair different colors).  She said she was using henna to color her hair.

I have to say, I was intrigued.  She mixes black henna and brown henna together and it turns into this really thick, pasty mud.  She applies it to her hair, wraps it in plastic wrap and leaves it in for four hours or overnight.  Rinses it out and POOF! this spectacular black cherry color is left behind.

Today, we went up to one of the many local Indian grocery stores and bought a bunch of henna hair dye.  We prepared the henna and let it soak for about six hours.  Then after Thanksgiving Day Dinner #2, she set up the "salon" in my parents' kitchen and we got to dyeing my hair.  It is a cakey, muddy mess right now, but I'm really excited to rinse it out and see how it turned out.  Around 11pm tonight I will start the rinsing (mostly because I don't think I could sleep with my hair all wrapped in plastic wrap and the mud drying and flaking all over the place.  Plus it is really stinky.

I'll update you all on the results tomorrow.

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