Friday, June 26, 2015

SQT vol. 10

Linking up with Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum for today's Quick Takes.

I thought I would put together a themed Quick Takes since it's been a long time since I've done anything. Well, anything blog related anyhow.

The theme? 

My Mirrored Hallway Closet Door
My 2yo kicked it and shattered the mirror. Fun day that was.

The Front Window Screen 
My 2yo and 1yo thought it would be fun to push the screen out of the frame in the window while I was letting some fresh air into the house.

The New Hallway Closet Door
Yes. As I sat on the floor fixing the screen (see #2 above), my 2yo decided it would be fun to hang on the door. That I had just fixed. And it was ripped from the hinges hanging sadly from its frame.

Two Teeth
My 1yo managed to break two teeth. I know not how or when exactly. It might have been when the 2yo tried to get her out of her crib, or when she was playing on the slide outside or when she fell off the couch. I don't know. I just thought she was chewing paper and I called her over to take it out of her mouth and noticed that her top front tooth is broken diagonally and her bottom front tooth is also broken. Sedation required to fix it. Should be delightful and not at all expensive.

The Dining Room Light Switch
Again, I don't know how exactly or when. It is a round dimmer switch and someone hit it soooo hard that it is now cracked and broken, hanging lopsided and loosely.

The Child Safety Gate
The 2yo strikes again. She loves to hang on everything and the gate just sheared right off one day. Super glue to the rescue? But only for about 48 hours. Had to break down and buy a new gate.

My Will to Live  A Favorite Dress
Hers. Not mine. My 2yo whirlwind of destruction wanted to wear her favorite party dress so she went in her closet to get it. She told me yelled for me to come help her, but I was preoccupied with a diaper situation in another room. So she simply grabbed it by the waist sash and attempted to pull it form its hanger. Fail. She ripped off the sash instead. Bright side? I have another repair sewing project in the pile to get to. Maybe next year.

You know the tune...sing it with me...

"These are a few of our broken things..."


  1. As my kids have gotten older, I thought the breaking of things would stop, but nope. Still in the same boat. Commence the lectures on why we don't have nice things.

    1. My husband is slowly learning that nice things cannot be expected to last around here. He wants to know why I put all the glasses away and we only ever use plastic cups. I'm thinking of leaving him alone with the kids for a few days to find out.