Wednesday, September 2, 2015

5-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse Pie

Because I love you, I'm going to share one of my secret recipes with you.
 Whenever we get invited to a potluck or a holiday party or a gathering where I am supposed to bring food I try to get assigned a dessert as my dish to pass.
 The reasons for this are as follows in no particular order:
  1. I LOVE dessert and an evening out without a killer dessert is just a bummer in my book.
  2. I LOVE making desserts. I love making cakes, pies, cupcakes, fudge, truffles, cookies, and candy. If it qualifies as dessert I want to make it.
  3. I feel like people are (rightly) finicky about the foods they eat, but it's hard to pass up a good dessert.
  4. Like good wine, there should always be a chocolate dessert offered at every occasion.
  5. Recipe taste testing & leftovers are all MINE when I make the dessert.

This pie has been brought to dozens and dozens of events over the years. Once people taste it, they always ask me to bring it again the next time.
I am only too happy to oblige. You're welcome <insert my fancy curtsy here>.
Even though there are never any leftovers, no one ever asks me for the recipe. I guess they just assume it is really difficult and time consuming to make such a luscious mousse, but they couldn't be more wrong.
Plus when they see my smokin' guns they figure they don't have what it takes to whip the cream into submission. J/K - I use a handheld mixer.
Not only does this recipe have only 5 ingredients, but (cover your eyes if you're French) it is a microwave recipe too. I know, I should be ashamed, but I've tasted it...and there ain't no shame in my chocolate mousse game.
Go ahead and make it for your Labor Day cookout. What a great way to (un)officially end the summer!

To get the recipe click here.

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