Thursday, October 3, 2013

Habit Forming - Day 3

Today was off to a rough start from the beginning. Mr. Amen woke up late and got in the shower late and our son, who had an accident during the night, but changed himself and didn't even wake us up, woke up and immediately started talking (nothing out of the ordinary), but he woke up his little sister, who then demands attention. And today, big brother's attention was not getting the job done. She wanted "MAMA" and she wanted me now.

Which was a problem because I really required a shower this morning since I had an appointment with my doctor today for a biopsy of a skin condition. Gross and ouch!

So Mr. Amen left at 8am, and I was unshowered. Neither kid was dressed. Both kids needed to be fed. So I fed the kids while unloading the dishwasher. Then I totally forgot to do school. But I did remember to check our bank account to make sure our extra mortgage payment had found its way back to our account (it had - Thanks be to God!).

Then somehow, time completely got away from me and the next thing I knew we were "playing" the piano when my mom pulled up in the driveway, which meant it was after noon. My doctor appointment was at 1:20pm, so I jumped in the shower while Mom fed the kids. Then I took off for my appointment.

It turns out that when I entered the appointment into my electronic calendar (Cozi), I got absolutely nothing right about it, even though I confirmed it verbally with the scheduler before I left last time I was there. I thought I was seeing Dr. B today at 1:20pm in Suite 350. Turns out they had me scheduled for tomorrow with Dr. W at 1:20 in Suite 200. Seriously. Come to find out Dr. B left the practice and Dr. W was covering her schedule for tomorrow.

Of course, the problem is that my babysitter, aka Mom, was there today and is not available tomorrow. They were able to accommodate my scattered mess of a self and they squeezed me in with Dr. S at 2:10pm. This gave me time for a candy bar. Delicious! Gotta get that in before my 24 week glucose tolerance test.

The biopsy, I was told, would feel like a bee sting. However, the thought of a bee sting in this sensitive area of my body just seemed like a root canal with no anesthesia. So the biopsy took place as I practiced my labor breathing techniques (the doctor was not impressed, and I don't think she believed me that I had done a natural childbirth and that I planned to do another). Whatevs!

Then when I got home, the numbing agent wore off and wowee! The Sting set in.

Thank God my parents had us all over for pizza or it would've been soy nut butter and jelly sandwiches all around.

But I did get Junior's sheets and mattress protector washed and back on his bed before 9pm; and I did call our lawn service to see when they are coming out to aerate and overseed. My dad painted the bathroom. Mr. Amen loaded the dishwasher and all I need to do to make my list for tomorrow/check my calendar and get anything ready that we'll need right away.

So basically today was an epic fail.

Oh! And We have a mole in our front yard. He appeared last night and he has already done quite a number on the lawn.

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