Sunday, October 6, 2013

Habit Forming - Day 6

Sunday is a day reserved in our home for God and family. We try to have a leisurely day and really focus on bettering our most important relationships this day.

This Sunday is a bittersweet day because it is our last "free-day" before Mr. Amen leaves for a 7-8 week business trip. He is doing a Japan and China trip back-to-back. There is one week between assignments, but it isn't worth the toll it would take on his body to fly back to the states for essentially 6 days. A 12-13 hour time difference is difficult to overcome for his 20-something co-workers...and it is especially tough on him (and us).

Today was about spending time together. We all went to Mass this morning together, then ate lunch together, then went to the cider mill together. Then the three of them napped together; well, they napped simultaneously; well, Mr. Amen and Miss A napped at the same time mostly; well, maybe not so much. Miss A fell asleep just before 2pm; Mr. Amen followed shortly after her. Junior was sent to his room to nap, tucked in, snuggled for 10 minutes, but he stayed awake for the next 90 minutes, visiting me in the family room approximately a dozen times to see how much longer he had to stay in his room. Miss A woke around 2:45, requiring a bottle and went back to sleep.
Just a boy and his monkey
 She was a hot mess (anyone else dislike that phrase?) when I went to get her out of her crib. Her hair was all messy and matted. Her shirt was pulled up and behind her head with her arms still in the sleeves. Her socks were off and thrown on the floor and she was jump-dancing in her crib while laugh-grunting. 
Just a girl, watching her brother, drooling cereal

Next, we all went to my parents' house for dinner, like we do every Sunday. My mom started doing this a couple years ago - hosting a family dinner every Sunday. It's a lot of fun with my brother and his family there and the kids all playing together. They were absent this week, but we went anyhow and enjoyed some time with my folks. My son says that PaPaPa is his "very best friend." And I'm pretty sure my dad feels the same way about him.

Then we call came home together and got the kids ready for bed.

Thank God for my no-nap policy, otherwise literally nothing would have been accomplished around this house today. During naps I did 2 loads of laundry, picked up the toy mess, spent some time writing, reading and praying.

Hope you had a very blessed Sunday!

P.S. - When did they shrink the donuts at the Cider Mill? We bought a dozen, but they were like mini-donuts. What an absolute rip-off. I'm gonna make them at home from now on.


  1. I love that you spend Sundays that way! Far too few people do, and I think it's SO important. Prayers that the 7-8 weeks of separation pass smoothly and quickly!

  2. When I was little we had family dinners almost every sunday & all the cousins got together.. Great times! Great Memories! 7-8 weeks will fly by.