Friday, August 14, 2015

{SQT} Ridiculous or Incredible Moments This Week

So many funny, exasperating and delicious things have happened; it's been a good week.

My 3yo, Alice, informing me that "PENGUINS HAVE BUTTS!"

My 6yo, Junior, telling me "I don't want to be a teenager because that's when all the girls fall in love with you."

My 1yo, Lizzie, pointing at the silverware drawer, crying and hysterically wailing, "FORK! FORK! FORK!" until I gave her the SPOON she so desperately wanted.

Me being caught up on laundry. Including having folded and put it all away. Who am I?

This moment of silence. Really, Junior is spending the day with his Grandpa & cousin. Lizzie is napping and Alice is coloring her new purse quietly beside me.

Reading this. And letting it wash over me. As a con(re)vert, I've never felt particularly close to Mary. I believe in the Assumption of Mary, but never gave it much thought. I just sort of figured, "well, Jesus loved his mom, so why not?" But this explanation makes all the sense in the world.

Additionally, it was a great reminder that my children that have died before birth are still with me. And they will be with me forever.

I made this and I ate this and I regret nothing.

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  1. Congrats on having the laundry done! Those few moments that the never ending tasks are caught up are priceless. Which reminds me that I should finish some paperwork!