Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#5Faves: Make At Home Snacks

When I saw what Jenna put up today for her #5Faves, I knew I was in good company. Why? Because FOOD!

Typically, I don't force the "healthy snack" issue 'round these parts. I try to incorporate fruits with breakfast and lunch and veggies with lunch and dinner each day to ensure the kids (and adults) are getting the good stuff.

But when it comes to snacks...well, we just snack. I like my snacks to be real treats. We don't have them every day, so when we do, we make 'em count.

Here are a few of our favorites that I make at home:

Perfect Rice Krispie Treats
I love to throw together a batch of these Perfect Rice Kristie Treats every now and then. I modify the recipe (of course) by using 6 Tablespoons of butter instead of 5 and I do a smidge less salt than 1/2 tsp salt.

I find this is also a great, easy treat to take to someone when you are bringing them a meal. My brother had knee surgery recently, so I dropped off a meal to make my lovely SIL's life a little easier (hopefully) one evening. I added these on as dessert. I did forget that my nephew couldn't eat them with his orthodontic appliance...but I'll be sure to compensate fully when his teeth are perfect & appliance free.

Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pretzel Bites

I was looking for a fun dessert for the kids at Easter this past year when I came across these beauties. I was making a Lemon Cheesecake for the adults and didn't think the kids would want that. So these to the rescue. I would rate them as a 5 out of 10 for difficulty...but only because there are several steps involved and they all take time. Let's just say that by the time you are ready to eat these, you have worked off the calories involved.

Gigi's Snack Mix
I love me some Chex Mix. But I had never found a recipe that quite fit the flavor profile I was going for. I had tried a few that I liked, but I had to just keep experimenting until I found one I loved. So I have gone rogue and made my own and I call it Gigi's Snack Mix. It's slightly sweet, slightly savory, very crunchy and with the cherries or cranberries added in, it has some chew to it as well.

Daddy's Granola
Mr. Amen loves to eat granola for snacks at work.

But have you seen the price of granola at the grocery store?!?! I have and I am NOT paying it.

For the same price I find I can make about 5-7x the granola I can buy pre-made. And when I make it myself I can adjust the flavorings and quantities of each ingredient. Here's my recipe. It does have almonds in it, which is usually a no-no in our home (food allergies), but I have separate nut-exposed tools & pans that I use for this recipe, so I let it slide.

Cake Pops
I've seen some beautiful cake pops decorated with intricate designs or characters. I prefer my food to be a little less fussy and more homemade looking - maybe that's just me. The cake pops pictured above were the first I ever made and I had decorated them for the 4th of July (last year). So pretty and delicious! I've made several batches since then and honestly, the harder I work at making the decorations look perfect, the less I enjoy the actual cake pops. Here's the how-to on these and here's another picture of my homemade, imperfectly decorated cake pops.

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  1. These all look delicious! Rice Krispies treats are one of my all-time favorites :)