Monday, July 13, 2015

Miam Miam Monday (Menu Plan) v1

I thought I'd start sharing our family's menu on a weekly basis.

I have always enjoyed cooking and baking, but menu planning was not a priority for me. Over the years, I've found that by planning our family's menus I can save money, time, frustration and sanity.

So here's this week's plan:

Chicken Caesar Salad
We'll be using some leftover Lemon Grilled Chicken from this past weekend to top some torn Romaine Lettuce, shaved Parmesan Cheese and croutons.

I'll make the buns fresh and we'll have veggies on the side.

Teriyaki Chicken & Rice
On the side, we'll have a romaine salad with ginger dressing. Nothing exciting here, just using a marinade/teriyaki sauce I got on sale.

To be honest, I use this pizza dough recipe, then follow the instructions from each of the other two recipes above to make the pizza & breadsticks. The dough recipe makes enough for both the pizza & the breadsticks for our family, typically with leftovers of each.

A nice meatless option for a Friday. This is basically frozen spinach tortellini with peas & Alfredo sauce. To speed up my prep and make it more "hands free" I've used Alfredo sauce from a jar, cooked it in a casserole dish topped with Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs. So delish & easy.

I'll have to take some pictures and post them later. This recipe is a fun twist on plain burgers. Again, homemade buns would be great, but I may not have time on Saturday to do them. We'll grill some zucchini & corn on the cob to go on the side.

Typically, I don't plan a meal on Sundays. We usually spend Sunday evenings with my parents and siblings having a family dinner. I love contributing to that meal with a side, dessert or sometimes the main dish (when my mom'll let me - a.k.a. rarely). 

Since they all know I love to bake, I get frequent requests for desserts from my sister-in-law and sister and I am delighted to try out the recipes for Sunday evenings. Just this past week, my SIL requested these S'more Cupcakes.

And how could I say no to that request?! I couldn't, so I made them. Plus I improvised a S'mores Bumpy Cake. I used my own marshmallow filling because we have an egg allergy in the family. Everyone's eyes rolled back in their heads as they ate 'em. So I know they were goooooooood.

That's this week's plan. I plan breakfasts, lunches and snacks too...but I don't want to overwhelm you with all my crazy at once.

What's your plan for the week? Anything good on the menu? I'm always looking for new things to try and would enjoy hearing your recommendations!

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