Friday, May 20, 2011

7 Quick Takes (1)

I actually had to wear my sunglasses when I went out for lunch today.  It’s nice to see our old friend, the sun.  It’s been awhile around these parts.

Junior, who has always been a great sleeper, has been getting up during the night for the past month and this momma is tired.  We’ve pretty much eliminated the middle of the night wakings, now we need to work on the early morning wakings.  What do I mean by early morning wakings?  Consistenly at 4:30am Junior gets out of bed, turns on his light and runs into our bedroom whilst shouting, “Whatcha doin’ mamma?”  Ummm…sleeping baby, notice the quiet and darkness.

The youth at our parish are holding a bake sale to raise funds for their Wor.ld Day pilgrimage to Spain.  I think my son and I are going to do some baking Saturday morning and then take the treats up to the church to drop off.  I’m thinking S’mores Cookies, 7-Layer Cookies and Strawberry Shortcake Cookies.  We want Junior to be involved in church activities and this is a great way to get a 2-year old involved.

I am taking a break from charting.  About 5 weeks ago I met with the NFP teacher that taught Mr. Amen and I to talk about our struggle with secondary infertility.  One of the things she suggested was taking a break from charting to help us re-focus our attention back on each other and our marriage.  Great advice!  It’s been so nice not charting for the past 2 cycles.  That’s right…I said 5 weeks, 2 cycles.  You can begin to see where our difficulties lie.  More on that another day.

On our way to daycare this morning, Junior said he wanted to hug “Ms. Taffy and Rosie”.  That would be his teacher and my parents’ dog.  How cute is that?

Does anyone pray the Divine Mercy novena frequently?  Mr. Amen and I prayed it together leading up to Divine Mercy Sunday, but I LOVE praying it and am thinking of doing it perpetually all year round.  I’m finding myself drawn more and more to Jesus’ Divine Mercy and I feel like this would be a great way to remind myself to practice mercy in my everyday life.

Last Sunday, I took Communion on the tongue for the first time because my hands were occupied holding my very squirmy toddler.  I really liked taking it that way and have no idea why I’ve never done it before.

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