Monday, May 9, 2011

Doctors Don't Know

I have a sinus infection that has become so painful my teeth are hurting.  So I made an appointment with my family doctor.  After seeing the doctor, he prescribed a, and some other medicine.  As I always do, I asked if these medicines were safe to take while pregnant or attempting to become pregnant.

This is where it gets fun.

He said, "Are you pregnant?"

I answered, "No, but we're trying to conceive."

He said, "Well, I'd be more comfortable if you don't try for the next 7 to 10 days."

Disappointed in his non-sensical answer, I just said, "OK".  Luckily for us and any child we might conceive, I know at any moment where I am in my cycle.  What if I was in my fertile phase and we had already attempted to conceive this cycle?  It probably wouldn't be safe to take the medicines until I determine if we were successful.  What if I was in my two-week wait?  It wouldn't matter if we don't "try" for the next 7-10 days, I might have already conceived and it would be unsafe to take these medicines.

I was frustrated with his nonchalant attitude about where I was in my cycle.  He didn't even bother to ask when my last cycle started so he can apply the CD14 ovulation theory to me (the medical community's normal assumption is that eveyone ovulates on CD14).  I know for a fact that this doctor has some knowledge of NFP - he was required to take it as part of his marriage prep at his parish.  I know he knows about NFP, but it seems like he didn't pay any attention in his class.  He knows that I know about this stuff because when he found out that Mr. Amen and I teach NFP, he asked me about a million questions about his wife's cycle.

Usually I'm not shy in talking to doctors about NFP, but today, I was in so much pain from my sinuses, I just didn't have the energy to educate him. 

Was I a bad NFP witness today for not taking the opportunity to expand his knowledge?  Should I have explained to him that his answer wasn't very helpful?  Should I have helped him figure out what probing questions to ask me to determine if my taking these medicines is safe right now?  What have you done when you encountered an uneducated doctor or medical professional like this?


  1. first of all, welcome!
    i haven't had too many experiences with this, but it does sound like the doctor was somewhat aware about NFP and like you said, acted interested previously, so I'm taking that away as a positive. I've had a doctor who was downright offensive in their disbelief of NFP to the extent that i just had to talk about it further. i eventually ended with "well, I'll send you the articles about it so you can see the science" and that quieted him up. I never went back to him though (he only did my HSG).

  2. Welcome, sorry I am leaving... at least for a while

    As for your response - completely okay with me. You were in pain and he has learned this before! I'm sure you'll be back again and you can address it then if you feel the need.

    Otherwise, I have learned at times to accept humility and the fact I can't change their practice. Prayers are sometimes the only weapon we can use.