Saturday, May 7, 2011


Me, Mrs. Amen.  I’ve been so inspired reading the blogs of some wonderful women over the past year (check them out along the side bar), that I decided to start my own to join in the conversation.

A little about myself, I’m Mrs. Amen.  Amen means "so be it".  I'm learning to say "so be it" to God and let His will be done in my life rather than struggling against His will.  My DH is Mr. Amen…he's doing the same.  In fact, it would be more accurate to say we are doing it together.  He's a wonderful man who is surrendering himself to God more and more.  He's striving to be the leader in our house that God has asked him to be.  Our son, Junior, is two years old and he talks almost non-stop.

Some of the things I want to talk about are NFP (Natural Family Planning), learning to be the best Catholic Christian I can be, our struggles with secondary infertility, and juggling our hectic lives among other things.  Oh, and I’ll probably share a few recipes along the way.  I’ll solicit your advice from time to time, because, I’m pleased to admit that there’s holes a-plenty in my knowledge.

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  1. Love this first post! Look forward to the reading and giving Will the recipes ;-)