Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Saturday is winding down. Mr. Amen is home from China. The kids are both in bed and I am finally sitting down. The weather has cooled off considerably and the windows are open. How lovely. But mostly I just want to go to sleep. Mass in the morning, laundry all day and dinner with my family (if mom can kick this nastiness she has been dealing with for the past two weeks). A day like tomorrow has me longing for the office on Monday, and you know how much I love my job. In other pleasant news, I have been feeling the baby move over the past week. Which is totally early. Around 12 weeks I thought I was feeling the baby, but thought there was no way, but I guess the more pregnancies a woman has the earlier she can feel the baby. Of course this all depends heavily on many factors, but I guess it really is the baby and I am not crazy. Phew!

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